Hi! Welcome to Thrift Kissed, a blog about thrifty fashion, minimal style, and the never-ending pursuit of secondhand treasures.

I’m Kait, a professional writer and creative type with a passion for thrifting, antiques, and all things weird and wondrous. I live in Chicago with my boyfriend fiancé, our two cats, and lots of pre-owned furniture.

In early 2016, the tech company I worked for was acquired by a competitor and I was laid off. The following job hunt was grueling, and I soon found myself with a lot of interviews and nothing to wear. Suddenly thrifting, which had once been an occasional weekend hobby, became a necessity for me as I searched for high-end professional wear on a threadbare budget.

I rescued a lot of beautiful designer clothing hidden in the racks at my local thrift shop, and I also discovered I had a knack for digging up the best deals and integrating my finds seamlessly into my wardrobe.

So what’s the deal with this blog? 

I started Thrift Kissed as a way to document my secondhand shopping adventures, to share tips and tricks for thrifting the best stuff, and to showcase my ever-changing style and my ongoing quest for the ultimate minimal wardrobe.

I truly believe that thrifting can change your wardrobe, your shopping habits, and your overall style.

Why go thrifting?

  • You want a champagne wardrobe on a beer budget
  • You want a closet full of investment pieces without the investment time
  • You crave a style that is uniquely your own
  • You’re discovering your personal style and you want to experiment with different looks in a low risk way
  • You’re passionate about responsible, ethically-made, and sustainable fashion
  • You’re patient and persistent. And you love the thrill of the hunt
  • The term “gently used” doesn’t wig you out
  • You’re not afraid to be different

Shopping at thrift and antique stores allows you to express your individuality, your style, and your unique sense of self with equally one-of-a-kind items.

I’m just a girl who thinks life can be more interesting, more fashionable, and more affordable when you add thrifting into the mix.


Welcome to Thrift Kissed.